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How can parents improve their co-parenting relationship?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Family Law

People who end a romantic relationship with their child’s other parent often have to continue working with their ex to better ensure that their children have what they need. This isn’t always an easy undertaking. Instead, it can be quite complicated.

It’s up to both adults to find solutions that can help to take some of the stress out of the situation. Following these tips could be a good starting point for making a co-parenting situation more relaxed for everyone.

Make decisions based on what’s best for the children

All decisions the parents make must be based on the children’s best interests. There may be situations in which the co-parents have differing opinions on what’s best for the children. In those cases, taking a step back from the situation and thinking about it from a logical point of view may be beneficial. Compromise is often necessary for parents who are co-parenting.

Communicate calmly and with logic-based thoughts

Communication is sometimes challenging when you make the shift from a romantic relationship to co-parenting. One of the most important things to remember is that it should always be direct, calm and respectful. Even though passing messages through the children might seem like a good way to avoid conflict, it’s not because they may relay the message incorrectly or have to deal with a negative reaction they should have to handle.

Respect the other parent’s time and situations

Each parent wants to have their time with the children, and that time should be respected. There may be times when one parent needs to modify the parenting time schedule for something, such as to accommodate vacation dates or family coming in from out of town. If both parents can respect those situations and the other parent’s time with the children, the kids are the ones who will likely reap the benefits.

Anyone who’s dealing with child custody situations should ensure they understand their responsibilities in these matters. Working with a legal representative who can assist is often beneficial because they can explain the available options and how they may impact you and your children now and into the future.